Chan Rob Les

Taking Our Interviews Down South

It’s been a little bit since we’ve had anything to report, but we’re pleased to say that the project is going great! I mean, there have been a few mishaps and missteps, but that’s how these sorts of things go, right? 

Having said that, we’re already on the road again, and at the time, we didn’t have anything new scheduled. We had made a few interviews later on in the season, including a great one focused around an auto accident claim and how the lawyer got a victory for their client. However, they couldn’t meet right away, so we had a little time to kill. 

That’s why we headed southeast and just kept driving. 

It’s Not the Heat

Most of us had never experienced a Mississippi Summer, so by the time we got that far, we were relying on our air conditioning for survival to combat the humidity. We made a few stops here and there, planning interviews as we went, but we won’t be using a ton of that footage. The audio is great, sure, but Les is sweating straight through his shirt. 

Still, we didn’t want to miss out on a little time at the beach. Florida’s beaches and other natural sights, like the Florida Everglades, weren’t exactly the sort of thing we’d ever gotten to see during former day jobs. 

Still, the humidity really got to us. Rob was downing bottles of water faster than he could refill them and Les spent half of one walk under an umbrella, fanning himself and insisting that he was fine. Of course, I suffered my own series of awful sunburns and heat exhaustion. Eventually, though, we’d done our exploring, and we were ready to move on.

A Little Farther North

After our little trip to the hottest parts of the country, we headed North. It’s still Summer, but we survived Texas and Florida. There wasn’t much that Virginia could throw at us. . . or, so we thought. 

Turns out, it wasn’t the heat that would get us—it was the rain. We’d left our windows open, and a huge storm blew through before we could return to the car, leaving us with a lot of wet, ruined equipment. That meant asking our investors for a little money, not to mention doing some damage to our own bank accounts. 

Of course, in the end, we managed to get the gear we needed replaced, but it didn’t leave us with much time between then and our next interview. Fortunately, though, they were understanding—they’ve been busy with a major car wreck lawsuit, so they knew that things come up that can slow things down. 

On the Road Again 

After that, we packed up, with no time for editing, and hit the road again. We’ve got some big interviews coming up, so we didn’t dilly-dally or waste time while we were there. Instead, we’re focusing on work. 

Our next destination, though, is something really special. We didn’t expect to hear a response back, especially such an enthusiastic one. Now, though, we’re on our way to one of our bigger interviews. 

Where would that be? That, dear readers, is one big secret. Rest assured, though, that we’re working on something exciting. Stay tuned for more information about what’s up our sleeves.