Chan Rob Les

Stuck in New York City

Well, folks, we’ve got good news and bad news. On the bright side, we’re getting all the time we’ve always wanted in New York City. I’m starting to think that we might explore every nook and cranny of the city before we take off for new horizons.

The bad news is, we’re still in New York City.

We were expecting to hit the road soon, but it seems like, when it rains, it pours. Still, we’re keeping our spirits high despite the setbacks. Every step of the journey is about learning and growing, right? In that case, we’re happy to get a few extra steps in.

So, what happened?

What Went Wrong

After all our trouble last time, you’d think we’d have learned from our mistakes. Unfortunately, we’re still figuring things out as we go and making mistakes.

This time, though, it cost us some footage.

It was no one’s fault, honestly. We parked the van and started to explore, and when we came back, a lot of the footage and equipment we left behind was gone. It looked like one of us might not have locked the door, according to the police, though we’re not sure.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, and a lot of the most important equipment was there. Sadly, we’re short a camera and some prime footage of the city. We just hope we’ll have time here to make up for the missing memory cards.

Where Things Turned Around

After all that, we were honestly a little bummed out. We had worked hard to get here, and now, we were having all kinds of trouble. Still, we kept busy and made the best of our downtime.

Fortunately, we had some leftover footage to work on while we were waiting. We interviewed a sex abuse attorney in NYC after some recent law changes, so we worked on editing this down into a focused piece on handling sex abuse cases.

On top of that, we of course spent a little time adventuring and looking into making new connections. While legal libraries aren’t the most social areas, we found a few researchers, assistants, and attorneys willing to chat with us on the steps about our project.

Honestly, I might even say the assistants had a more thoughtful behind-the-scenes look at lawyers than the lawyers themselves. Note to self: that just might be something to explore.

Getting Back on Track

Now that we’ve all sat down and thought about it, maybe the theft didn’t hurt us too much. Sure, there’s a camera bag full of equipment and memory cards missing, but that’s a lesson learned, right? It’s not a happy one, but it’s something.

For now, we’re getting back to the project and catching up. We’ve refilmed some things and replaced others since last writing. From here, we’re planning out what else we can do with the rest of our time in New York City.

For all the setbacks, though, New York City has been an adventure. If nothing else, we’ll have some pretty good stories to tell in the commentary on the documentary.

Now, though, it’s about time we get back to work. We still have some catching up to do before we move on. Until next time, keep up with us here as we continue exploring America and the lives of the lawyers who practice here.