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How to Talk to the Insurance Adjuster After an Accident

Insurance adjusters are powerful individuals who can greatly affect the outcome of a claim. They are the ones tasked with the investigation of incidents that payout, as required by insurance plans. Through interviews with claimants, witnesses, and experts, they can piece things together and figure out the true extent of a company’s liability.

These are detail-oriented individuals who will attempt to protect the interests of their clients while following the industry standards and relevant laws. They will try to identify the applicable coverage in every case and negotiate settlements to the satisfaction of all parties. Below details how to talk to the insurance adjuster after an accident.

Maintain Civility

They might attempt to reach out after an accident to ask routine questions for their investigation. Remember that adjusters are professionals who are only doing their job. Do not be hostile to them; always be polite and respectful if they try to talk to you. It will be easier to discuss a settlement later-on, if you build good rapport from the beginning.

Give and Take Personal Information

You will be asked for personal information. It is alright to tell them the basics such as your name, phone, and address. Limit the details that you give out. You do not have to elaborate. If you are unsure, then consult your lawyer. Anything that you provide to the adjuster can be used in the claim, so always be cautious.

Stick to the Essential Facts

Less talk results in less mistakes. If you need to discuss the accident, then just stick to the essentials. Recite the facts, such as the date and time of the crash, the place where it happened, and the vehicles that were involved. It is not necessary to give a full statement or provide opinions as to where the fault lies. You do not have to describe your injuries. Never say that you are uninjured, as things can be discovered later. Since the investigation is probably ongoing, just say that you are waiting for further details and will discuss things further when the time is right.

Write Every Detail of the Conversation

Right after this conversation, jot down everything that you talked about—including their questions and your answers. These notes might be helpful later-on if they say anything odd during the negotiations.

Refuse Early Settlement Attempts

Insurance adjusters may attempt to close the case right away by offering what seems like a substantial amount. While this might be tempting, closer examination will often reveal that it is only a small fraction of what you could get with a full compensation. Consult your Largo car accident attorney before accepting anything. If you refuse and provide solid reasons, then they will be forced to increase the offer.