Chan Rob Les

Filming in the Lone Star State

After all our adventures in New York, we decided to take a trip down South, just in time for summer, too. When we arrived in Texas, we pretty much melted right onto the pavement. It was still morning, too! We figured this was going to be a big change, but we were still surprised. 

Fortunately, we’ve already gotten a lot done in the meantime. We like to hit the ground running, so we started out with a good mix of tourist traps and work. Honestly, it makes the work even easier to get through. 

Our First Stops

While we arrived first in Dallas, it wasn’t long before we started to travel a little. We’ll be covering a lot of the state before we’re done, but first, we got an interview right away with a DWI attorney in Fort Worth. We had a great conversation about dealing with clients, the trauma of a drunk driving accident, and what the lawyers do to de-stress after dealing with such difficult cases. 

Personally, I feel like we learned a lot, also. Plenty of people are left in need of representation when they’re accused of drinking and driving, and it was interesting to see what that means for the lawyers who defend them. 

After that, though, we needed something a little lighter, so we did a little exploring around Fort Worth. Personally, the Fort Worth Zoo was my favorite part. “Little kid me” always wanted to be a zookeeper, so getting to spend the rest of the day wandering the reptile exhibit and feeding giraffes really eased the stress of the interviews. 

A Little Problem-Solving

Of course, it wouldn’t be a project update without a little issue, right? Unfortunately, we did have a few mishaps during the trip. First, some of our records didn’t make it there for us. That took a lot of complaining and filing reports and all that. But, they weren’t lost forever. 

It did, however, put us a day behind; we’re still playing catch-up. Still, we’re making it work. Each of us are adding a few extra tasks to our day, and soon, we’re going to be all caught up. Three heads are better than one, after all. 

Making Progress in Texas

After everything that happened in New York, we were a little more prepared for running into trouble later. While mistakes and mishaps still happen, it’s nice to get a fresher start in a whole other state. 

Though we’re practicing our Texan drawls and checking out all the sights, we’re finally making progress in the filming department. While we’re not perfectly on schedule, we feel good about getting our documentary out within the year we meant to release it. 

Well, knock on wood, at least. 

Until next time, we’re taking our time in Texas and getting some interviews in, so stay tuned for even more updates.