Chan Rob Les

Exploring Baltimore Between Interviews

Baltimore may not be quite as exciting as California and our surfing adventures were, but it doesn’t have to be all business, right? This week, we’re visiting Baltimore, and I have to say, the guys and I are having a good time. I’ve always thought harbors were super cool, and I’m having a good time getting a little fishing in, even if Rob can’t stand the smell. 

Of course, we’re getting a little business done, too—don’t get me wrong there. After all the setbacks we’ve suffered, we’re learning to relax a little and let the project expand as we go. It definitely takes the pressure off us. 

Visiting Fort McHenry

As we were coming into town, we obviously had to see Fort McHenry. I may not be a huge music dweeb like Les, but that’s a pretty cool piece of history. It’s a pretty big place, too, sprawling over forty-three acres of land. I guess I always expected it to be one big building, so I was pretty surprised to find how big it was. 

Of course, we couldn’t enjoy the museum without a little trouble. During our walk through the museum, Rob dropped his camera. It’s still functional, but the lens is a total bust. That’s definitely going to set us back a little bit. We’ve saved up plenty of money for malfunctions like this, but it’s always disappointing to have to pause and pay for parts. 

Still, that meant a few extra days in the area, which gave us a little more time to explore—personally, I didn’t mind that part at all.

Interviews by the Harbor

Eventually, we did get a little work done, and I’ve got to say, I’m glad we thought to interview them outside the office. We got a few good shots of the Baltimore employment lawyer in his natural habitat, but eventually, we discussed getting some outdoor shots and a little sun. 

We had some great discussions, though I think the other guys on the team were a little less enthusiastic than me. We talked about law, of course, but we also talked about Baltimore and what it’s like to work one-on-one with the city’s residents and help them through their toughest times. Personally, I think it’s some of our best work yet. 

The guys have been complaining that they’ll never get the fish smell off their clothes, but our interviewee was happy to humor us for all our pictures, questions, and comments. That’s what really matters, right? 

Back on the Road Again

Just as we were getting used to Maryland, though, it was time to go. We packed up yesterday, and today, we’re heading back out on the road again. We’re in for another long-haul drive, so we’re packed to the brim with snacks, books, podcasts, and, of course, lots and lots of coffee. 

Where are we off to next? Well, that’s our little secret until next time. So, stay tuned for our next update.