Chan Rob Les

A Year in Documenting: Our Journey So Far

On behalf of Rob and Les and myself, I first want to give a big thank you to all our readers. We’ve worked hard on this little project, and we’re thrilled to know so many people have just enjoyed reading what we’re up to. This little blog keeps us accountable, not just for the mistakes and the bad times, but for the good times, too. 

We meant to get to our little retrospective and our plans for 2020 sooner, but what do you know, it slipped right by us. We’re a little deep in, but hey, who says all resolutions and reviews have to be up by January 1st? Or even January 31st? Or February? 

Joking aside, we want to give our readers a little update on where we are in the process and what’s been holding us back, as well as what we’re doing this year. We know you guys aren’t investors, but we like to think you’re invested in the story, right?

How Far We’ve Come

First things first—we’re still a little behind schedule on this. We’ve got a lot of great footage, and while we’re on the road, Les and I have been working on editing this footage, cleaning up anything unusable and even putting things together when we know where they go. 

But, we’ve also had a lot of trouble throughout this year. We’ve lost footage, we’ve had breakdowns, and we were even pulled over, once—yes, of course we’re going to talk about that in a later post. 

For all the trouble we’ve had, though, we’ve come a long way. We have a large chunk of the footage we need, and if everything goes smoothly, we could have this done by the end of next year. I know, I know, everything has to go smoothly first, but we’re working on it. 

Where We’re Going Next

The good news is, we’ve got a lot of interest from our site, which means more people are willing and even excited to help. That’s not just lawyers hoping to get an interview in, either. We’ve spoken to some producers, actors for other segments, and even a voice-over actor! 

This upcoming year, we’re looking forward to making this project even more serious and professional than ever. We’re excited to possibly even add people to our team, making our little project bigger than ever. 

So far this year, we’ve mostly spent it traveling. We’ve had a few interviews and shoots recently, but we also did take some time off for the holidays, so we could see family. We’re already back at it, though, so expect to see more coming from us. 

Keeping Up with Our Adventures

Despite all our setbacks, we’re proud of the distances we’ve gone for our little project. It’s something we’ve been passionate about for a while, and to see our dreams come true has been something we never really expected. 

So, despite the problems, we’re trucking forward and making our project happen. 

Are you new here and interested in our project? Check out our story and follow along with our adventures. We’re excited to have so many people along on this adventure with us.