Chan Rob Les

A Little Detour in Tampa

Alright, I know this is going to sound a little outlandish, but hear me out. 

So, the guys and I are on the road, heading to our next destination. Sounds like the kind of updates you guys are getting pretty used to, right? The problem is, we didn’t exactly get where we were supposed to be going. 

The maps, it turned out, led us astray. Unfortunately, we got a long way off our course before we realized our mistake. Now, we’re a little ways off from where we need to be, but hey, at least we’ve got our can-do attitudes, right? 

Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Okay, so admittedly, the only bad part about ending up in Tampa with nothing to do was the part where we had nothing to do. We’re supposed to be a film crew, after all, not just lolly-gagging around—not to mention we were missing out on an important interview down in Texas! 

The good news was, the interviewee understood. In fact, she was a little jealous of us! So when we asked her if we could have some recommendations for a Tampa personal injury lawyer, she was happy to oblige. While we hadn’t planned for more footage in Florida, I can’t act like I’m upset about the change of plans. 

Making Time for Fun 

Chan and Rob couldn’t complain, either. In fact, I found myself working on my own a few times, to my surprise. The beach bums were running out to the beach, leaving me to do the calling around and rescheduling our calls. 

For a minute there, I thought I may even end up the only person to show up at the interview! I thought about inviting our latest interview guest to the beach, so I’d have a little help around the set. Fortunately, everyone got back on track. 

Of course, the promise of being treated to Busch Gardens afterward helped, too. Honestly, I think I finally understand the struggles of parenthood after this. 

Getting Back on Track

Honestly, I think we could use a little more fun than we’ve had in recent times. We were getting stressed out, tired from all the travel, and getting a little cranky with each other. All that fresh sea air has done us a lot of good. 

Of course, that does change our production schedule, too. But, for right now, that’s okay. We’re moving at our own pace, and we’re going to get this big project done, one way or another. It just might take a little longer than expected. 

Still, that’s normal, right? There are hiccups in any film project, and we’re not a big production crew—we’re three guys with a big dream. Fortunately, we’re making progress, and soon, we’ll be on the road all over again.