Chan Rob Les

The Lives of Lawyers

Have you ever wondered just what it is that lawyers do in their day-to-day lives? More importantly, have you ever wondered what it is that a documentary crew seeking stories about lawyers do in their daily lives?

If you’ve been following our story, starting with our fundraiser for our project, you’re already familiar with us. To the newcomers, welcome to the story of Chan, Rob, and Les, three filmmakers trying to make a splash in the documentary world.

We started our blog to track the progress our documentary crew makes as we travel across the states, looking for lawyers of all kinds and their stories. That means we’ll be including stories about our interviews, our trials, and of course, our setbacks. Read along with us for updates on our project and when you can expect to see our film screening.

Why Lawyers?

Ever since we were kids, we always wanted to know more about lawyers. Chan even majored in pre-law before deciding that film studies was more his speed. We decided, as we started on our first major project, that we wanted to learn a little more about what exactly they do.

Sure, we all know that they handle legal questions. Whether that’s a criminal defense, a divorce, or even a traffic ticket, we know that lawyers are there to help us get answers during a legal dispute. However, we also get a lot of that knowledge from movies and TV, which aren’t always accurate.

So, what is it that lawyers do with their time? We want to show the people both the human side of lawyers, as well as the legal side and the concerns you may have about what lawyers do.

What We Do

After getting the funding we needed for our project, the three of us assembled a small team to travel the country. Once we had professional equipment, a steady crew, and a van for transport, we set up a series of interviews and adventures.

Sometimes, you can expect to hear about the latest interview with an attorney. We want to know what they do and how they help their clients. We’ll also look at what it’s like to be in the courtroom and how the people see lawyers after working with them.

Most of all, though, we want to focus here on what happens when a documentary team sets out on the road, looking for a good story to tell. We hope this blog will act as a chronicle of our adventures and misadventures in filming.

Follow Our Legal Documentary Adventures

If you’re curious about lawyers like we are, this project may be for you. We want people like you to see how our project works and the progress we’ve made. That way, you’ll know what to expect from our project, and maybe we’ll inspire others to go for their own passion projects.

If you’re curious about our documentary, “The Lives of Lawyers,” keep up with our travels and trials. Our experiences are available on this site, starting with our first visit to an attorney, so follow our story here.